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Long investigation leads to child pornography arrest

It is probably clear to our Baltimore readers that when someone in Maryland is suspected of viewing or producing child pornography, law enforcement officials take that suspicion very seriously. There are many resources available to local, state and federal officers who are investigating an individual for charges regarding child pornography.

This was demonstrated recently when a man from Newark, Maryland, was arrested. An investigation that had been going on for several months eventually pointed to a home there; members of several groups, from the Department of Homeland Security to the Maryland State Police Computer Crimes Unit to the Worcester County Sheriff's Office acted on a warrant to enter the home.

According to officials, someone at the residence was suspected of downloading and sharing still images and videos involving child pornography. Police say they found what they were looking for, but weren't at first sure who was responsible. After interviewing people at the home, they arrested a 36-year-old man.

The Newark man was charged with 11 counts of various sex crimes involving child pornography: five counts of possessing it and another six counts of promoting and distributing it. Whether the case is ultimately prosecuted at the state or federal level, the man facing these charges will have an uphill road to climb.

Whenever people in Maryland find themselves facing charges such as these, the advice provided by an experienced sex offenses attorney could be extremely valuable. Despite the negative publicity such cases can generate, nobody is automatically guilty if they are charged with crimes like these.

Source: WBOC-TV, "Worcester County Man Arrested on Child Porn Charges," Sept. 10, 2013

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