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Baltimore Sex Offenses Law Blog

Youth instructor accused of solicitation of a minor

A Maryland youth aquatics instructor is facing serious allegations after being accused of seeking sex with a minor. The 58-year-old man had been a teacher at a youth summer camp for the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore. He is accused of sexual solicitation of a minor after he reportedly communicated online with someone he believed could arrange a sexual encounter with two teenage boys. Authorities say that the man's contact was in reality an undercover Baltimore County law enforcement officer.

Investigators say they received a tip that the man was willing to pay money for two teenage boys to perform sexual acts. The undercover detective reportedly posed as a pimp online, and he also pretended to be a 15-year-old boy. Through Internet communication, officers say they determined that the man was interested in paying for a sex act with the imaginary child. He was arrested and is currently being held in custody in lieu of a $100,000 bail.

Man claims double jeopardy in Maryland court

A man involved in a sexual molestation case in Maryland has claimed that he shouldn't be able to be charged, because he's been placed in double jeopardy by the courts. Double jeopardy usually applies when a person is being charged for the same crime they have already been tried for. This is important to know, especially if you've been charged with a serious crime; you don't want to end up going through your trial all over again.

In this case, the 35-year-old man claimed that his child abuse and molestation trial was a mistrial, because the number of jurors there were too few to allow selection to continue. The man, who was charged in 2013 with 28 counts of sex abuse of a minor, 30 counts of third-degree sex offenses and with one count of child pornography, claims that by not having enough jurors, he's entitled to having the case dismissed.

Sexual abuse charges in Maryland focus on youth leader

If you're charged with sexual abuse, you may want to speak with someone about your right to protect yourself. In this case out of Maryland, a teen squad leader of a youth program has been accused of sexually abusing a child. This charge could change this man's life forever.

The story claims that a child has claimed to have been a victim of sexual abuse. He was allegedly abused while he was attending the Annapolis Chapter of Young Marines over a period of approximately two years. The 15-year-old juvenile named as the assaulter was identified only after detectives reportedly completed witness interviews and collected evidence, although the report does not indicate what kind of evidence was provided.

Substitute teacher gets 18 months after child sexual abuse

A Maryland man has been sentenced to an 18-month jail term after he reportedly engaged in sexual activity with a minor. The 25-year-old man had been a substitute teacher at Westlake High School when the reported sexual abuse occurred. The defendant pleaded guilty to several counts of third-degree sex offense. He will be required to serve 18 months in custody in addition to registering as a Tier II sex offender for a 25-year span.

Authorities say that the man was accused of having sexual relations with a 15-year-old girl. Although it appears that the sex may have been consensual, it is impossible for someone so young to legally consent to such activities. Attorneys in the case accused the defendant of plying the girl with alcohol and attempting to "groom" her into an ongoing partner for sexual relations. Incriminating text messages to that effect eventually surfaced in court. However, defense lawyers say the youngster had been drinking alcohol long before she met the teacher.

Ruling to remove about 1,800 names from sex crime registry

A new ruling from a Maryland court could lead to as many as one in four names being removed from the state’s sex-offender registry. The ruling was issued by the Maryland Appeals Court on June 30. Justices decided that some of the sex crime registry members had their constitutional rights violated when they were added to the list.

Maryland sex offenders can be required to register for terms of 15 years, 25 years or even life, depending on the nature of their conviction. A searchable online list of these offenders is available for the general public. Victims’ rights advocates said they were disappointed about the ruling, as they see the registry as a helpful tool that can identify potential sexual offenders in an area. However, about 1,800 people could now be dropped from the list because of the new ruling.

Maryland man charged with sex crimes

A young man from Waldorf was charged with deceiving a male friend about engaging in a sex act via a message on Facebook. The 20-year-old man allegedly lied to a male companion about engaging in a sex act with a female at a hotel room. When the friend said he wasn’t interested, the man lied to him stating a woman had expressed a sexual interest in him and wanted to meet with him at a local hotel.

When the friend initially refused, the perpetrator of the scheme convinced him there would be no homosexual activity involved. The male friend gave in. Court documents state he was taken to a hotel room, and observed the man had some rope. After he undressed, he was blindfolded. After a knock at the door, the victim felt someone touch him and then perform a sex act on him. When he tried to speak to the person, there was no response.

Adult women given help with solicitation and prostitution sweep

A nationwide sex crimes sweep has led to the recovery of two minor girls in Maryland -- along with the arrest of five people who are accused of sexually exploiting those youngsters. The girls were found through the Operation Cross Country endeavor, which seeks to ferret out solicitation and prostitution related to sex trafficking throughout the country. In addition to the two girls, three adult women were given assistance by Maryland authorities in connection with the case.

Authorities say that the two girls in the case had been subjects of a variety of advertisements throughout the Baltimore and Washington, D.C., area. The girls were allegedly put up for prostitution through social media and other Internet tools. Clients would set up appointments for sex with the girls at area hotels, according to investigators.

Man from Maryland jailed for child porn sentence

Charges for child pornography can lead to jail time and fines, and you may face unwanted scrutiny at work or at home. You aren't guilty of a crime until you're convicted, and it's important that you remember that you have every right to see a defense that can protect you from a bias in the courts. Your case could be similar to this one that took place in Maryland.

In the news, one man in Maryland has been sentenced to over five years in prison for having child pornography on his computer. He allegedly shared it over file-sharing software, distributing it to others who could also, potentially, see fines or imprisonment in the future. The 35-year-old man allegedly pleaded guilty to the crime after sharing the filed with an undercover officer on two occasions between September 2012 and March 013.

Online solicitation of a teenager leads to arrest in Maryland

A man in Maryland is going to be spending five years in prison now because he allegedly tried to seduce a police officer pretending to be a 13-year-old online. The 53-year-old man had already been registered as a sex offender in the state, but now he has entered an Alford plea in Montgomery County's Circuit Court. He was charged with one count of using a communications system to propose a sexual act to a child younger than 15.

That plea, although it sounds like it admits guilt, does not admit that the man was participating in the online solicitation of a minor. However, it does acknowledge that it's likely there was enough evidence to find him guilty. A summary of evidence had shown that a detective was posing as a 13-year-old girl and her mother. Over time, the man allegedly offered to take care of the girl and her mother financially. Then, the chats became sexual in nature, and the man allegedly proposed sexual acts to the 13-year-old girl. He allegedly claimed that 13 was not too young.

Synagogue worker charged with distribution of child pornography

A Maryland religious worker has been arrested on sex crimes allegations after apparently possessing inappropriate images of children in his Baltimore home. The man, who was employed by a local synagogue, was arrested after an investigation determined that distribution of child pornography may have occurred from the man's home. The 44-year-old defendant was arrested on June 12.

Authorities say that the employee of Ner-Tamid synagogue had worked at the facility doing odd jobs, and he also attended worship services there. The man's computers were allegedly found with child pornography images, though it appears that none of the children from the synagogue were affected. Further, it does not appear that the man had any kind of contact with the children in the images. Investigators say they are still evaluating the man's electronic storage devices, so additional charges may be forthcoming in the case.

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