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Online solicitation leads to a lifetime of punishment in Maryland

Recently, you read in our blog about the man who was indicted for allegedly soliciting an Anne Arundel teen on the Internet. The man, based in California, has now been indicted for allegedly sexually soliciting the 15-year-old girl. Her father was the one who contacted police; he believed that the two had planned to meet each other.

The man, 25, who meant to meet the girl had plans to come to Maryland. He indicated that he knew her age, but he had not yet met the teen. Accusations that he intended to hurt or have a sexual relationship with the teen haven't been talked about, other than implying that was the case.

Swift action key to defending against child pornography charges

If you are facing sex crimes charges for alleged possession of child pornography in Maryland, you must take swift action to protect your rights. Those who are facing child pornography charges run the risk of a future that could be rather bleak -- think jail time and decades of registration on the state's sex crime registry. Criminal charges for child pornography do not mean that you necessarily have to suffer serious punishment, as you are not automatically considered guilty just because you are accused. A criminal defense attorney may help rescue your future and keep you informed about your rights and responsibilities in court.

Some criminal defendants are charged with federal crimes simply because they are involved in a file-sharing network online. Other criminal charges stem from allegations of image possession on a computer or other Internet-ready device. A criminal defense attorney should be consulted as early in the process as possible, especially if technicians at a local computer repair shop have been solicited to analyze the contents of your electronic device.

What it means to be placed on the state sex crime registry

If you have been convicted of a sex crime in Maryland, you may be required to submit your personal information to the state's sex crime registry. This database is designed to track those convicted of sex crimes and provide information for community members about sex offenders' whereabouts. The sex crime registry includes offenders that are sexually violent and those that target children, along with those convicted of lower-level sex offenses. The severity of the crimes determines the offender's term on the sex crime registry.

Your personal information will be made available to the general public through an online portal. Information is also provided through the postal service upon request. The information included in this database includes your name, photo and address. Further, a description of the crime and the location of the crime are included. Additional information not made available to the public includes Social Security numbers and other identifying data.

Maryland doctor faces losing license over molestation allegations

A Maryland physician is the center of a scandal right now, and he's been hit with charges for allegedly molesting a patient. He's also been hit with another lawsuit, and that lawsuit claims he sexually assaulted another patient as well. One of the women, a patient from West Virginia, has filed a lawsuit against the Maryland doctor and is requesting over $1.5 million in compensation.

In her lawsuit, she reported that the man fondled her during an examination for a back injury. She reported in her lawsuit that the company the doctor worked for, MedExpress in LaVale, Maryland, should have been aware that the doctor had been convicted of raping a woman at gunpoint in 1987 while in Florida. She claims that a reasonable employer wouldn't have let the doctor work with female patients.

3 years for man charged with a sex crime after beach lewdness

A criminal defendant in Maryland has received a three-year prison term after apparently committing a lewd act on an Ocean City beach. The 53-year-old man, who had previously been convicted for other sex offenses, was charged with a sex crime after he was allegedly seen masturbating in public in July 2013. He was convicted on criminal charges of disorderly conduct and indecent exposure.

Authorities say that they responded to complaints that the man was committing lewd acts on the 27th Street beach during the late afternoon hours on July 7, 2013. The man was apparently touching his genitals while wearing a fairly revealing swimsuit. Families on the beach had reportedly complained that the man was publicly exposing himself for about 45 minutes. Witnesses said that about 40 people were at the beach at the time of the incident, and 10 people complained to a lifeguard about the alleged violation.

Man talking with teen faces sex offense charges across country

Reports about a man who was flying to see a teen he had met online has resulted in him being indicted for the alleged sexual solicitation of a minor. The teen, who lives in Anne Arundel County, had been speaking to the man online. The only reason the police were able to be informed was because the teen's father had used spyware on his daughter's phone and computer to determine who she was talking to online.

The man, a 25-year-old from California, had allegedly been talking to the teen online. He had gone as far as to schedule a trip from California to Annapolis, where he planned to meet the girl. At the point when authorities were contacted, they were able to contact the man and ask him about his intentions to fly to Maryland to meet the teen. He told them he planned to stay at a hotel in Annapolis and that he knew the teen's age.

Man faces multiple sexual assault charges in Maryland, New Jersey

For 2006 to 2011, a man from Parsippany has allegedly been sexually abusing a young boy, who is now 15 years old. He was recently sentenced in New Jersey for this crime, and he is looking at a prison term of 12 years. The man is 46 years old.

There are a few interesting aspects of this case that make it stand out, such as the fact that the man is also facing charges for his actions in multiple courts in Maryland. Two counties have brought cases against him that have yet to conclude, but in the one county in which the sentencing has been done, he got a prison term of 25 years.

Wrong number leads to solicitation, prostitution charges

A 44-year-old Maryland woman is accused of offering sex to a local police officer after she apparently called the wrong phone number. The woman, who is accused of prostitution, apparently made the call to a drug enforcement officer with the Frederick Police Department on July 30. Authorities say that she likely thought that the phone number belonged to someone else who was not a police officer.

Official reports show that the police officer attempted to identify the woman, and they scheduled a meeting for the next day. The police officer and the woman agreed upon a price, and she was arrested at their meeting place on July 31. She is officially charged with solicitation of prostitution, along with possession of crack cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia after a "crack stem" smoking device was apparently found in her possession.

Appeals court decision removes offenders from sex crime registry

A recent decision from the Maryland Court of Appeals could mean that your name is eligible for removal from the state's sex offender registry. As we speak, the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services is reviewing records to determine which offenders may be eligible for removal from the sex crime registry. Some components of the registry listing were deemed unconstitutional under the new decision.

In Maryland, sex offenders are generally placed on the registry for three types of terms: Tier I, which leads to 15 years' inclusion, Tier II, which leads to 25 years, and Tier III, which leads to lifetime inclusion on the list. In general, offenders are only eligible for removal from the registry if their term is complete, they die, they relocate or their conviction is expunged or overturned. That could all change thanks to the new ruling from the state's appeals court, which makes certain offenders eligible for removal from the list if their conviction pre-dated the creation of the registry itself.

Man arrested when trying to meet teen girl in Maryland

A man from California has been arrested after the police were tipped off by a girl's father that the two may be trying to meet up in Maryland. The man was picked up on charges of online solicitation of a minor, among other things.

Reportedly, the girl's father grew suspicious that his daughter had been talking to a man online, so he put spyware on both her computer and her phone. He used this to confirm his suspicions, finding that she had in fact been talking with a man who was 25 years old. The girl, however, is only 15.

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