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Baltimore Sex Offenses Law Blog

Sex abuse charges for Baltimore police officer

A police officer in Baltimore was recently brought to court and indicted in a case that revolves around multiple sex abuse charges. The court documents show that these charges include sexual solicitation of a minor, three sex offense charges in the third degree, and three separate counts of prostitution.

This indictment is the next step in a case that has been going on since the arrest was made in March of 2014. At that time, other police officers acted on a tip that they got showing that the man may have been involved with a young girl in Columbia, a girl who was only 14 at the time.

Child pornography? Not so, say the police in Maryland

What is child pornography, and when is it simply pornography? There is a slim line between child porn and what the law considers legal pornography, and according to this April 10 report, that line is pushed when students upload nude photos to their social media accounts. The Maryland report that police in two Maryland counties have been flooded with child pornography complaints, but the fact of the matter is that the students are putting their own photos on social media sites.

Police reported that there is, of course, a fine line between what you'd consider pornography versus child pornography. Police believe that posting those photos is dangerous, even if a crime isn't or hasn't taken place. Because people as young as middle schoolers are putting nude or revealing photos online, it's important that parents discuss the dangers of doing so. One woman has reported that she made sure her teen knew the dangers, because once that image is online, it's there forever.

$50,000 bail for Baltimore sex offender

A judge in Baltimore decided to set a $50,000 bail for a man who has been convicted of sex crimes and then failed to register as a sex offender. This was not the first time that the man had failed to do so, but the third, which caused the prosecution to say that he is certainly a threat to the public. They also wondered if he would come back to court.

At first, the judge determined that the man should be held without bail for his of the sex offender registration offense, taking these same concerns into account. However, the man asked if he could have a bail amount determined so that he could post it and await his trial without having to stay behind bars. A landscaping company had just hired him, and he thought that the company may fire him if he was not able to at least go to work.

Child sexual abuse center of case in Maryland

In Maryland, if you're charged with a sex crime, you have the right to be heard. You shouldn't have to face the scrutiny of this kind of allegation alone, and with some help, you may be able to protect yourself and your family. No one is safe from these kinds of charges, and they can come from seemingly nowhere.

In this case discussed on April 9, a 20-year-old man is facing several sexual abuse charges for allegedly abusing a toddler left in his care. The Anne Arundel County police stated that the man had been wanted in connection with the child sex abuse charges following an investigation of the situation. That investigation started on March 21, according to their reports.

11 people in Baltimore face charges after prostitution sting

Eleven people in Baltimore have been charged as the result of a major prostitution sting. This was a targeted effort by the police to crack down on the rampant solicitation and prostitution in the area.

In order to lure in people who would be making their solicitations, the officers located some websites that saw a lot of traffic aimed at helping people find prostitutes. They then created their own profiles on these sites, which were made up to be enticing to these people. They got responses from a number of people who wanted to meet up in person.

Child pornography charge results in prison for Maryland man

Child pornography seems to be a growing problem on the Internet, and everyone can agree that it's wrong. Despite this, putting someone in jail for passing on images may not be the best way to help them. If you have been associated and charged with child pornography in Maryland, knowing how to protect yourself against these allegations is key. In a recent case, Baltimore County police allegedly posed as the party with whom the 22-year-old man was meeting in order to catch him in the act.

According to the news from March 28, the man from Timonium was lured out by police. They arranged to meet him, and the man was allegedly under the impression that he was going to meet an individual and his nephew for sex. When he arrived, police arrested him at the scene.

Baltimore police looking for sexual assault suspects

The police in Baltimore are currently looking for a man who has been implicated in a pair of sexual assault cases, and they are now asking for people in the area where the assaults took place to help them keep an eye out for him. They have even stated that there is a reward of around $2,000 if anyone is able to provide credible information that leads directly to the man's arrest. On top of that, they have put out a sketch of the man and a description, seeing as how both of the women who were assaulted were able to give them fairly good descriptions of their attacker.

Other than that, the police have not made much of the information public at this time. It is known that the women were around 20 years old, and they were both at home when the sexual abuse took place. It is not clear if the man forced his way into their homes or if they already knew him and they allowed him to come inside.

County employee charged with possession of child pornography

Being caught with child pornography is not only embarrassing, but it usually results in search and seizure of some of your most personal belongings. Your computer and technology devices may be confiscated and your home or office searched. At this point, most people jump on the phone and contact an attorney for advice and representation. This is the right thing to do because it is important to know what your rights are in such a situation.

A Baltimore County employee, who was being investigated by the Baltimore County Police Department's Crimes Against Children Unit, has been accused of possessing and distributing child pornography. The investigation started last year in November due to a tip that was received from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Police officer in Baltimore facing sex offense charges

A police officer in Baltimore was arrested at the police station when it was determined that he was guilty of committing sexual crimes against a 14-year-old girl. He was given a bail total of $75,000, which he then posted in order to await his trial without being behind bars.

The incident involving the teen began with an online advertisement that offered prostitutes to those who were interested. The police officer never called the number and spoke to the young girl, but he did exchange text messages with her. They then met up at least three times. The meetings began in January and lasted until May, and they all took place in 2013.

Woman accused of sex crimes in 2 Maryland counties

A 43-year-old woman awaiting trial in Baltimore County for charges related to prostitution was recently accused of operating a brothel in Montgomery County. Police say that they were led to the accused woman by a woman whom they met at the Red Roof Inn in Gaithersburg; the woman claimed to be working as a prostitute for someone named "Wendy." Police photographed $1,260 that the alleged prostitute was going to give to "Wendy," and they later took the 43-year-old into custody after she exited the other woman's hotel room. Police say that she had on her possession the $1,260 that they photographed earlier.

In March 2013, the accused woman from Towson was arrested in Baltimore following a raid of her massage parlor. There is also a federal civil forfeiture case pending against four houses and an office building belonging to the woman and her co-owner that police say were purchased with prostitution money. A U.S. attorney working on the forfeiture case told the federal judge that "the plea agreement in the related Baltimore County criminal case has fallen apart."

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